Comprehensive evaluation, care planning and monitoring by an R.N. Program direction and engagement under the co-directorship of Cate McCarty, PhD.

Daily snack and meal according to prescribed diet

Support and referral to community resources as needed

Assistance with incontinence or personal care

Therapeutic and recreational activities designed to:

  • Support and maximize function and cognition
  • Provide social interaction
  • Promote exercise and well being
  • Foster creativity
  • Enjoy intergenerational contact
  • Encourage nutritional intake according to dietary needs
  • Promote stimulation as well as rest and relaxation
  • Have fun!

Participants must provide any necessary personal supplies such as incontinent briefs, assistive devices, oxygen equipment, etc.

It is the policy of Ruth's Promise not to provide medication administration.  If this policy prevents a participant from attending, please contact us to discuss alternatives.

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